Sick of Science

by Michael Zero

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Vincent Adinolfi
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Vincent Adinolfi it's good. it's good like.. if plumtree was a bunch of guys but then they were actually one guy and the only movie he watched when he was a kid was ET and he had an old casio keyboard and he could only play in halftime. it's good. Favorite track: Out Beyond.
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released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Michael Zero New York, New York

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Track Name: Out Beyond
I hope your body’s okay
I saw it levitate
I couldn’t find your face
they took you up in space

then you know
then you know
then you know you’re gone
then you know
then you know
then you know you’re wrong
then you know
then you know
then you know you’re gone
then you know
then you know
somewhere out beyond

you went to Jupiter
past rings of Saturn
you had such fun surfing stars
there ain’t no worries on Mars

I waited patiently
for you to come back to me
but when they left you alone
you couldn’t find your way home
Track Name: Sick of Science
you spit on my passionless trends
it helps me when I make amends
with my saints
with my self
with my backwards cap past
with your minute maid hands
and your sippy cup eyes

and the glasses clink the glasses clink
the glasses like a punch in your
glasses clink the glasses clink
the glasses like a crooked half smile

and I’m sick of science
sick of learning how to automate the hands round my neck
and flush the tank around my brain
the more wires plugged in
I’m connecting
just to help me to disconnect
Track Name: Tiny Tattoo
you’ve got a tiny tattoo
I’ve got some gum on my shoe it’s

I will admire you
you will unstick my sticky

let’s meet in the park around two
I’ll bring some bread to feed a

you’ll tell me all about you
I’ll tell you things you’ll give a

was looking for a pal
to help me watch my calories
you make a very good salad

I’ve got a hole in my roof
it’s leaking all over my

you’ll find some friends around town
bring them to help me patch it

let’s start a comedy troupe
we’ll write and starve and live real

invite our friends to the shows
go crazy like Shia La

you’ve got a shiny smile
I’ve got a sunburn it feels

I’ll paint a portrait of you
you’ll help me pick a shady

let’s try and find our style
wear silly things and laugh a

you’ll choose a funny hat
I’ll wear a shirt that’s polka
Track Name: Stone Soup
I didn’t complete the tasks I was given
I did a curtsey but I was bitten by the snake

I took too long I couldn’t make a decision
they cut me out of the whole thing with precision

I sit alone I eat my soup made of stone
it tastes warm but I feel cold to the bone

I hope they don’t put me in to play in the next inning
I know when I’m playing a game not worth winning
Track Name: Moose
big moose standing in the road
I hit you but my car explodes
you sure know how to take a punch
sometimes it puts me in a crunch

I went to the garbage store
I’d eaten mine so I bought some more
it tastes fine if you hold your nose
and wash it down with a garden hose

and I, I don’t want to feel
like I know
that I, I don’t want to feel

big goose swimming in the lake
skipping stones I hit you by mistake
you barely moved or made a quack
you took the rock and threw it right on back

saw the doctor wasn’t feeling great
I was having trouble seeing straight
he looked at me through his telescope
and asked me ‘are you seeing stars or nope?’
Track Name: Darling
fold me up a thousand times until I disappear
that way when I speak to you there’s nothing you will hear

oOo my darling dear
oOo my baby

throw me out of your plane like a bombardier
I promise not to make a mess I’ll never drop a tear

do I have problems or are you the problem?
I’m probably not even sure
wrote you a letter but my friends they knew better
said I’m just being immature

but I saved it for you

I wish I wasn’t in your past just a souvenir
I know you were so honest always you were sincere
Track Name: Purple
walking around
the buildings downtown
they don’t make a sound
they know I’m around

they’re just purple

looking for signs
the timing aligns
but I always fall behind
dressed to the nines

in purple

did I miss my chance?
or by chance did I miss?
when you gave a damn about me
was it a trick?

pestering you
or waiting it through
doesn’t matter what I do
I might be blue

but you’re purple
Track Name: I Found a Bug
I found a bug
in the mainframe
isn’t it sad
ain’t it a shame

it’s okay to feel uncertainty
but why’s it have to be so scary?

I found a bug
inside of me
it’s changing my plans
it’s making me bleed

it’s okay to feel uncertainty
but why’s it have to be so scary?

what’s happening to me?
what’s happening to my body?
science can save us from hell
but it’s not love
it’s just chemicals